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Food Production
Oriental Food
Arabic sweets

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Project Description:

GALAXXY needed a new visual identity to represent their services and products in the Czech Republic. They needed a new logo, corporate identity, car wrap design, stationary, website, food packaging, banners and so on.

Project Requirement

  • Logo Design
  • Corporate Identity
  • Two responsive websites
  • Product Catalog
  • Stationary
  • Vehicle wrap
  • Posters
  • Banners

LOGO & Wordmark

After sending several concepts to the customer, the logo which was chosen was the most elegant one. the logo reads as "Galaxy Food" but it incorporates the two XX into one letter space to have the name as registered  "GALAXXY FOOD s.r.o." in the court.




The red color and its shades were used across all materials including folder, letterhead, envelop, business card, CD label and so on, the galaxy design element was used in the background to emphasize the visual identity.



Outdoor adverts

Clean style and flat colors along with grids were used to achieve print materials that matches the visual identity.



Website & SMNs

GALAXXY FOOD has a food factory along with grocery stores across prague, they needed to present they products and services separately, the solution was to create two separate websites, one for the factory and one for the stores since they offer different products/services. Both websites were designed to show perfectly on devices with different screen sizes.





GALAXXY FOOD produces oriental sweets, they needed photos for their website and print materials, a three days photography session was scheduled to take photos of all all their food products, final materials were delivered in RAW format and also another version proccessed, cropped and edited.




Presenting the company and its services to the public through all possible media is essential. A car wrap design was needed to achieve this, a design was created following GALAXXY visual identity guidelines to achieve consistency.



Shop front

GALAXXY store in Prague 6 area needed a distinctive design for their shopfront, they wanted to differentiate the appearance of their shopfront from their neighboring shops. The solution was to create vynel stickers with the same visual identity colors to present what is inside the shop to the pedestrians. For this part of the project, Icons were created for every food category for easier communication.



Food Packaging

GALAXY FOOD produces over 30 products, they needed elegant design for their packaging to differentiate their products from others while presented on shelves in the stores. their targeted customers were in the Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden and Middle East. A unique color was used for each product while keeping the same layout and symbols to achieve consistency.




22 January 2015


Corporate identity, Packaging, Website, Print Design, Stationary, Logo

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