LANETE spol, s.r.o.

LANETE spol, s.r.o.


 Location Golcuv Jenikov, Czech Republic

CAD/CAM Software
3D Printers & Mice

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Project Description:

LANETE needed a new design for their website to accomodate the large amount of text, media, images and files. the solution was to restructure the data and redesign the website from the scratch.

Project Requirement

  • Website
  • Stationary
  • Banners



LANETE has an old logo which was designed back in the 90s, the company didn't have guidelines for their visual identity or consistent image. beige color was used as secondary color to make the visual identity consistent across media.



LANETE needed a solution to present their services and products online, their old website was not structured well, their website visitors were exiting the page seconds after entering it due to the difficult to navigate menu. Tabs, sliders, carousels and other features were integrated to make it easier to the user to go through large amount of text and media.



Banners & Adverts



22 January 2015


Corporate identity, Website, Print Design, Stationary

Mohamed Kurdi

A holder of Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree in Graphic Design from
Teesside University UK


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