Dynamic vs static websites

Websites are generally divided into two main categories - websites with fixed content and websites that have dynamic and interactive web content.


What is web content ?

Web content  represents what is displayed on websites such as articles, text, words, pictures, video, audio, etc.

Static website

Static websites are mostly created using  HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and have static content, which means you can't edit the content easily. If you wanted to add a picture or change the text, you would need to edit the source code of the website and that would be required for every page separately, unlike Dynamic websites, where modifying the menu or side bar for example would apply for all pages.

 What are the advantages and disadvantages of static websites?


  • It is faster to create and develop. 
  • It doesn't require much experience in programming languages.
  • It doesn't require special hosting, so the hosting cost is less.
  • It cost less money to code and develop.


  • Any changes on the website require a developer to edit the HTML source code.
  • There are usually not many pages.
  • Updating the content takes long time.

Dynamic website

Dynamic websites cost more than static in general but they are more valuable for many reasons:

  • The visitor of the website can interact with the content, for example, they can post a comment.
  • It's easier to update the content and any person with little experience in text editor applications (Word, etc.) can do the job of updating the content.
  • Updating the website from anywhere through the integrated control panel.
  • Having a dynamic website means that your website will remain up to date and that's why more visitors will be returning to your website
  • It can be a tool for collaboration between site members (for sending internal messages, commenting on posts, etc.).
  • Many services can be integrated within dynamic websites, for instance, chats, forums, advertising, etc.There are many ready out-of-the-box dynamic content management systems that suit companies.

Having dynamic CMS is essential nowadays and if you are looking for a website that is easy to edit and update, then dynamic website is the right solution for you. Although the cost of creating a dynamic website is higher, it has a long-term value.

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